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Waste-Free Holidays with Beeswax Wraps!

December 07, 2019 0 Comments

Waste-Free Holidays with Beeswax Wraps!

For nearly 10 years Abeego has been one of our top-selling products. We're never without it on the shelf and our customers have come to appreciate the quality and ethics that stand behind this product and brand. (Abeego wraps have lived in our own kitchen for that same amount of time and have truly been an indispensable tool.) Beeswax wraps help to eliminate waste (never wonder if your cling wrap is recyclable again, or if it contains BPA or pthalates for that matter), as well as reduce food spoilage, two big factors in living a zero-waste lifestyle. They are also wonderfully minimalist and last for many years with proper care. During the holidays it's likely that your kitchen kicks it up a notch - holiday meals with friends, Christmas baking, the Christmas meal itself, New Year's Day, there's a lot going on in that space and in fact we would argue it's where much of the magic happens over Christmas. The whole family can be involved, from gingerbread men with the wee ones to all hands on deck for big feasts. For all this, beeswax wraps make the perfect sidekick, the proverbial kitchen-towel-thrown-over-the-shoulder, multi-purpose tool that has a home in every low-waste, eco-conscious kitchen. To add to it all, Abeego makes the perfect gift! So it's with this holiday spirit in mind we thought we could share some of our favourite ways to use and gift Abeego over this special (and busy) time. 

STOCKING STUFFER: effortless and perfect! You can even unbox them, roll each one and tie it with twine and a sprig of something green, or maybe a cinnamon stick, to make a single pack go further. The Variety Pack is also a good way to add to family member's existing collections, divvying up everyone's favourite sizes!

GIFT UNDER $20: Abeego wraps are always a good bet, it's a quick yet meaningful choice next time you have to come up with a gift for a secret santa, gift exchange at work or teacher gift.

HOSTESS GIFT: a box of new wraps is lovely, but something homemade (think your famous brownies, granola, veggie dip, etc.), presented with a beeswax wrap, is even better! That way you'll get a chance to talk it up and explain how it's used, what it's made of, and how it eliminates waste and food spoilage, in case your host or any guests have never seen them in action!

LEFTOVERS: Any big meal is sure to come with leftovers. We really believe in using every scrap of food, and of course leftovers are a big part of this (and anyway, who doesn't enjoy having to cook less the next day?). Since Abeego wraps seal and conserve freshness without trapping moisture, they help your food stay fresh for longer, preventing molding, which means healthier, more nutrient-dense and better-tasting food, plus more days to eat every morsel. (The large Abeego is also our personal go-to for covering trays of baked goods or casseroles - it will cover an 8 x 8 or 9 x 13 dish easily.)

POTLUCKS: Abeego wraps are perfect for sealing your contribution and make great travel companions.

HOLIDAY BAKING: Pie or shortcrusts often need to be chilled beforehand and the Abeego is perfect for this. You can also use a lightly floured Abeego for rolling out dough so that flipping your pie crust is easy.

MEAL PREP: Busy week ahead? Do some basic prep by pre-chopping all your veg. Stash it in a bowl sealed with an Abeego wrap to keep it as fresh as when it was first cut. We like to use a scrap of paper and a clothespin to attach a label to the wrap so the contents can easily be identified.

We all lead busy lives (too busy it often seems), and we personally rely heavily on items like Abeego to make everyday zero-waste choices simpler. We choose our products primarily because they fulfill a practical not material need, and choosing to fold these things into your habits naturally leads to purchasing less, wasting less, and maximizing resources and dollars. Whether it's beeswax wraps, a cloth produce bag, or even a bamboo toothbrush, what you will find at Sustain are ethical and conscious choices for gifts over the holidays that fulllfill a practical need with beauty and, above all, without waste!

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