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How to Order Online for Local Pick-Up

March 19, 2020 0 Comments

How to Order Online for Local Pick-Up

As the situation evolves we are evolving our services with it. Having a continued source of non-toxic, safe and effective cleaners and body products is essential to you and to us - but so is remaining safe and healthy and all doing our part to flatten the curve. We are working incredibly hard with maximum diligence to do so.⁠

We have opted to close several days a week and significantly reduce hours but we will continue to provide our nontoxic cleaning and personal care essentials using our online ordering system (phone orders are also available but are limited to our pickup hours, so you are best to order online to ensure the item you need remains in stock). Please find complete ordering instructions below the text, but first, a few details about how the pick-ups are organized:

-These pickups are CONTACT-FREE. Our door will be locked to keep everyone SAFE. Orders are to be placed online or phoned in. Once arrived at the shop, give us a call (the number will be posted on the door). Please respect the minimum 2-meter distance from the door. We will open the door and place your package outside with a friendly smile and a wave. We miss you already!⁠

-If there is another customer waiting at the door, please wait in your vehicle or at a distance until they have picked up their order.⁠

-There will be no in-store refills, however we will be providing bulk product in a sanitized glass bottle to be returned after the quarantine period has ended. Please stay tuned for more details on this program.⁠

-Long distance online ordering will proceed as usual, shipping out on select days a week. We thank you for your patience and understanding if your package takes a little bit longer to reach you during this time.

In store, we will be:⁠
-Washing our hands before packing each order⁠.
-Once you call to announce your arrival, we will give the product in your package a final wipe-down with an ethanol-based disinfectant as an extra layer of precaution. ⁠