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Hope Amidst Uncertainty + Our Precautions for COVID-19

March 15, 2020 0 Comments

Hope Amidst Uncertainty + Our Precautions for COVID-19

There is a glimmer of hope. As all of the chaos, the hysteria and the fear looms dominant in our spheres of influence, and mindfulness gives way to absent reaction, it gives us a great perspective on humanity's disconnect from the Earth, from community, from love, compassion, and sensibility. It is clear that we are ill- prepared to deal with inconvenience, much less threat. As we witness the fight to carve out our share of finite resource without thought or care of our fellow person it becomes clear that our current lifestyles are unsustainable.

So where is that hope we mentioned? Well, we have to believe that this pandemic, and this pandemonium, will be the strongest of medicine (in fact, we believe this is true of the threat of climate change as well). What if we learn that in sharing resources, looking out for each other, staying calm and rational in the face of adversity, we create a culture that is stronger for standing together? What if we learn that using less and doing more is exponentially more viable than the current opposite? What if we learn that resources are finite and that we need to not only be mindful of it, but grateful for what we have? What if this gives rise to a wave of action to protect what resources we have? What if we learn to live in the heart space? What if we learn to thrive with less? What if we see the immense positive impact on the environment from staying home, travelling less, consuming less, and being supportive, caring, respectful and present with one another? What if we become more connected to our loved ones and to our place? What if this is the event that opens all the eyes, all the hearts? What if this is the awakening? In all of this lies hope. Tons of it.

We see this hope clearly in you, the Sustain family. In these intense days you are proving to be leaders. The conversations we are having with you are so gilded with conscious understanding, trust, compassion, reason, calm, grace and heart. It is times like this that we feel so fulfilled by the community we are a part of - you guys are the light.....the glimmer of hope.

Thank you from all of us at Sustain.

What are we doing to maintain a safe space?

1.  No staff member showing symptoms of illness in any form are permitted to come to work.
2.  All high touch surfaces such as door handles, debit machines, bulk pump handles, computer keyboards, phones etc are being regularly sterilized.
3.  Regular and effective hand-washing.
4.  Diffusing germ fighting essential oils.
5.  Online order and payment option with in-store pick-up, and carry-out for those not wishing to enter the store.
6.  Delivery service to those who are in quarantine.

Bulk Refilling Guidelines

    During this time of increased diligence, please be aware of the following concerning bulk refilling:

    • Containers to be refilled must be washed and clean prior to refilling
    • Refilling jars and then using them at home to refill dispensers is recommended
    • Special precautions are being taken to maintain sterility when refilling toothpaste, deodorant and lotion (and possible changes in inventory).