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About Us

Sustain is more than just a business—it is a way of life. When founders Jonathan and Celine MacKay began learning about the toxins in their home environment, it created an insatiable desire to not just know more, but also find solutions. 

"When we began searching for a place we could go where we knew, without a doubt, that we could trust the products we brought into our home, we found that these places were few and far between. We set off to create this place, and Sustain was born. Now, the store contains hundreds of products that we've personally researched and used, and know inside and out. The health of our family is our priority but we decided that wasn't enough. We wanted to make the health of your family our priority as well."

Contrary to what you might think and despite your most diligent cleaning efforts (indeed, perhaps even because of), the air inside our homes is usually many times more polluted than the air outside our homes. Tighter building envelopes and more and more chemicals found in building products and the products we use in our homes have led to a problem known as "sick building syndrome". The problem is very real, and more and more people are suffering the effects such as allergies, asthma, fatigue, immune depression, problems sleeping, low-energy, headaches, chronic illness and more without ever knowing the cause. Our bodies are becoming overloaded and our immune systems don't know how to deal with it—in fact "toxic body burden" is a real thing.


The solution doesn't have to be overwhelming—Sustain is here to help by providing products that help you breathe easier and perform amazingly well. With a full line spanning building products, flooring, kitchens, countertops, paint/stain, cleaning products, baby products and even personal care products, we're doing our best to ensure we can take care of your entire home. And in fact, we don't stop there. We now offer a full renovation and custom kitchen service so that you can be sure your entire project, from design to delivery, is managed well with your health, environmental responsibility, unyielding quality, and modern design at the center of our focus.


Of course, the products we carry are also chosen with careful consideration to their environmental impact. The planet is truly in trouble, but rather than choose to despair over the enormity of the problems we face, we've chosen to become part of the solution by working to provide products that support change. We're lucky that your health and the health of the planet work symbiotically so that we can serve both by choosing only the best, purest products available.