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Large 10" Proofing Basket

Proofing baskets are used to give your homemade bread shape and structure into beautiful professional looking boules. In a well-floured proofing basket (also known as a fermenting basket) the material and design allows the dough to rise in a way that retains its shape. Supplying it with sufficient oxygen, making your bread especially light, airy and easy to transfer to your baking dish/pan without deflating the dough.

Made with rattan reed which is the inner pith or core of the rattan palm, an extremely versatile material used in weaving wicker furniture and basketry. Since rattan reed is the inner pith, it does not have the smooth, glossy impenetrable skin of cane. Instead, reed is white in color and has a very porous quality and will get seasoned the more you use it for bread, creating a non-stick film overtime. 

Use, Care and Maintenance:

We love using this basket without a liner, it creates spiral patterns on the skin of your dough and give your final bread a super-rustic look and a touch of nostalgic homemade breads.

Since this basket has no liner you need to make sure the flour reaches and covers all the spaces between the lines of the baskets. Never skip the flouring step! That way, when you flip over the basket, the dough will easily fall out in great form and with beautiful skin.

Do not bake with proofing baskets - only use for proofing. After proofing is done, flip over the basket to take the dough out to the oven. To finish with the basket, simply dust it off and it is good to go. If it needs washing use an unscented soap as any scents in your soap will cling to the proofing baskets and then onto your dough.

To store, keep in a dry place, away from humidity (tip: try not to stack the baskets on top of each other to avoid mould). You can also leave your basket in direct sunlight once in a while to further dry out and use the cleaning power of the sun, making any previously moist flour easier to brush off.

This basket is large in size (10") and is for breads up to 1500 g

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