Druide Bug Repellant

An eco-friendly choice This product line offers total biodegradability starting from the contact with water.

  • Vegan - not tested on animals.
  • Non GMO


Citronella Insect-repellent Spray Lotion 


Coconut oil triglycerides, Alcohol, Sunflower seed oil, Citronnela E O, essential oil of Tea Tree (melaleuca) and Eucalyptus, beta caroten.


Citronella Insect-repellent Body Lotion 


Coconut oil extracts (emolients and emulsifiers), Waxes, Citronnela EO, essential oil of Tea Tree (melaleuca) and eucalyptus, Sunflower seed oil, Levulinic acid, Triethanolamine.


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Type: Green Living at Home

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