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Separett Waterless Toilet

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For 30 years, Separett has manufactured toilets designed to satisfy your need for comfort wherever you may be. You should feel right at home when you are at your cottage, vacation home or anywhere else where there is no access to a septic system. Thanks to the continual development of technology, design and functionality, Separett toilets are now more advanced than ever. That is why Separett toilets are used all over the world, from the dry heat of Africa to the icy cold of Greenland.
If four people are using the toilet on a daily basis, then a container will last about 3-6 weeks. How is it possible that the container with solids so rarely has to be emptied? Urine accounts for about 85% of the waste volume and is routed separately away from the toilet. This increases the storage capacity for solids greatly. The container is easily replaceable and if the amount of users increases one only change containers more often.
Separett Villa 9210 
For cottages that do not have access to a 110-120V power supply, the Villa model is available with a 12V fan.