Domestic Hardwood

Laurentian Hardwood 

Laurentian Hardwood is sourced only from sustainable forests. Harvested trees are replenished to preserve the diversity and health of the forest. Several solid products carry PEFC certification, a certification that guarantees adherence to sustainable forest management.

The wood species, colour palette & fine finishes have all been specifically selected for Canadian Consumers. Surface textures include traditional smooth, wire-brushed & unique, distressed looks. Whether choosing traditional or unique hand-rubbed finishes, these floors will provide enduring beauty for years to come.


BreezeWood Floors

BreezeWood Floors is an innovative manufacturer of specialty hardwood flooring located in the beautiful Carolinian forest region of Ontario Canada.

Fully integrated from the forest to finished product, BreezeWood Floors is part of a family owned group of companies that has been producing quality wood products since 1959. This unique level of integration allows BreezeWood Floors to ensure that high quality and ethical standards are adhered to every step of the way from the forest to your home!

All of BreezeWood's products are produced in Ontario Canada utilizing timber that has been responsibility harvested in North America using environmentally sound practices.


Nadurra Wood 

Since 1994 Nadurra has promoted and sold FSC™ Certified wood products that have been 3rd party certified by The Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC is an independent, non governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

Nadurra supplies Hard Maple, Red Oak, Walnut and Black Cherry in beautiful, non-toxic, formaldehyde-free stains and finishes.


Reclaimed Wood

Logs End

Logs End Inc. is a wood flooring company with a difference. Instead of only cutting down new-growth trees, Log's End focuses on retrieving "lost" timber from the heyday of 19th-century Ottawa Valley logging operations. Many of the logs are recovered through diving operations on the Ottawa River, its tributaries and small lakes.

Based out of Ottawa, Logs End is Canadian owned and operated, and is the country's leading supplier of historic old growth flooring, which is proudly distributed around the world. 




Nadurra bamboo flooring is available in formaldehyde-free and FSC-certified composite and solid bamboo styles. For commercial use, the company offers its Traffic Composite series, which is 180% harder than maple and is factory-coated with nine layers of Bona's waterborne, commercial-grade polyurethane, making it appropriate for areas with heavy foot traffic. Nadurra bamboo flooring comes in multiple sizes and colors, and in vertical or horizontal laminate patterns.


Bamboo Hardwoods Flooring

Since 1995 Bamboo Hardwoods has been an industry leader, innovator and leading manufacturer of high-quality bamboo flooring and panel products. Their mission has always been to provide durable, cost-effective and ecologically sustainable products paired with the highest level of quality and service. They believe in social and environmental sustainability; but mostly, they believe that their job is to produce products with stunning aesthetics, performance and value.




Jelinek Cork Group has been supplying cork flooring throughout the world for many decades. Today the company remains the oldest existing supplier of cork floors and other related cork products. With the many years of experience in the cork flooring business and through innovative research in design, technology, and production Jelinek cork flooring continues to be recognized for excellent quality, innovation, uniqueness and choice. Many Jelinek cork flooring installations made in the mid 1950’s are still in excellent condition today.

In keeping environmental and natural products in the forefront, Jelinek Cork Group was one of the founders of an innovative wine cork collection & recycling initiative. Hundreds of thousands of used wine corks are collected each year. Jelinek recycles these corks and uses them (among other products) in the production of some of the cork flooring, described below.



Wicanders is a truly sustainable brand!The starting point is a raw material that is extracted cyclically from the cork oak trees without ever damaging them. This raw material is then transformed into high value-added products while promoting the economic and social sustainability of areas at risk of desertification.

Several eco-efficiency studies, based on a comparative analysis with several other types of flooring, illustrate the excellent environmental performance of Wicanders products and its manufacturing process. Besides the smaller amounts of energy and raw materials required for the manufacturing process, these products actively contribute to reducing global warming, not only through their low emissions, but also due to cork's natural property of retaining CO2.

It is estimated that the Portuguese cork oak forest - montado - is responsible for retaining 5% of the country's annual CO2 emission, representing 4.8 million tons per year.




Marmoleum, Forbo's brand of linoleum, is a natural product made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with a 40% recycled content. This makes Marmoleum a very natural and environment friendly floor.

Besides its natural character Marmoleum is a very durable floor and easy to clean, thanks to the new Topshield2 finish. Marmoleum is available in a wide variety of colours, structures and forms. Available in sheet selection, a decorative Marmoleum Modular tile collection and the Marmoleum Click collection featuring Marmoleum on HDF panels.