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Bum Genius Diapers

Best selling, top-rated and recognized for its quality and performance. BumGenius 4.0 is a one-size, pocket-style diaper that will keep your baby dry and comfortable.

  • One-size; stay-dry
  • Customized absorbency
  • Simple design; easy to use
  • Available in snap and hook and loop closures
  • Adjust to fit babies 8-35+ lbs

All bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers include a small, lightweight insert for newborns and a larger one-size insert for your growing baby. When your baby outgrows the newborn insert, it works as an overnight booster or as extra absorbency for heavy wetters.


Sea Wench Naturals

Sea Wench is uniquely Clayoquot Sound... all natural, in a place surrounded by ancient forests, mountains, pristine rivers, wolves, bears, wild salmon, bald eagles and whales, to name just a minute fraction of the diversity of life found in this area of the Northwest Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Located on an offshore island, Sea Wench Naturals has developed over the years through dedication, research, planting, and wild foraging to make creams, salves and herbal healing ointments for ourselves and our children. 

Products include:

Baby Lotion, Baby Botanical Oil, Botanical Bumm Spray, Seahorse Baby Wash, and TLC Baby Salve.