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Counter Tops

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Extremely strong, beautiful and warm to the touch. A Sustain Best-Seller.

PaperStone® is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper that has been saturated with proprietary PetroFree™ phenolic resins and selected natural pigments on their pigmented lines. After trimming to length, resin-saturated sheets are stacked and moved into a press where they are fused together under heat and pressure. Paper sheet count determines the thickness of the finished panels.

PaperStone®’s non-porous surface provides a lifetime of stain resistance and it absorbs virtually no water. Surface cuts or marks may be sanded or rubbed out with an abrasive pad and treated with an oil wax finish. PaperStone® is extremely rigid and dense, lending to additional applications beyond counter tops such as furniture, vertical panels and partitions, signs and cutlery handles. Its superior strength allows innovative cantilevered designs up to 18-inches of unsupported overhang when using 3/4-inch material. It is heat resistant to 350°F and has been certified ‘food safe’ by NSF, the public health and safety company.

Why choose PaperStone?

PaperStone is:

Durable Nearly as hard as rock, PaperStone is less brittle than stone or engineered quartz brands. It is a stain resistant, heat -resistant, non-porous surface. Its superior strength allows innovative cantilevered designs with up to 18 inches of overhang using the 3/4-inch thick material.

Beautiful Available in a variety of rich colors, PaperStone assumes a warm, lustrous patina as it ages.

Unique Made with our proprietary non-petroleum based phenolic resin and recycled paper, no other composite product compares.

Green and sustainable Nearly all of the PaperStone products are comprised of 50- to 100-percent recycled paper, natural pigments and our own non-petroleum based resins. Because it has been certified by the Smartwood program of the Rainforest Alliance to FSC standards, PaperStone plays a lead role in enabling a building project to acquire LEED points toward certification.

Warm to the touch While it is nearly as hard as metal or stone, PaperStone is warmer to the touch.

Made in the U.S.A. Manufactured at the Paneltech Manufacturing Plant in Hoquiam, Washington, on the West Coast of the U.S., all raw materials used to create PaperStone are also from the U.S.

Easy to work with PaperStone's unique properties make it easy to fabricate and install by professionals or hobbyists, using either stone cutting tools or traditional woodworking tools with high quality carbide-tipped blades. Creative edge details can be achieved with traditional tooling.

Cost-competitive PaperStone's pricing is comparable to quality granite, solid surface or engineered quartz materials. However, the ease of its fabrication and finish often saves on installation cost, reducing the project's overall expense.

Available in large sizes PaperStone is available in a variety of sizes up to 5-ft. by 12-ft. panels, which makes it possible to have fewer or even no seams in many applications. In addition, it is available in a variety of thicknesses to suit particular needs.

Suitable for many uses The PaperStone products can be used in both horizontal and vertical building applications, in commercial or home use, for building elements and other products.

Certified food safe Many PaperStone products are certified food safe for direct food contact by the National Sanitary Foundation. In addition, with proper cleaning, PaperStone does not promote growth of bacteria, mold or mildew.

Fire-rated Most PaperStone products are also a good choice for applications requiring high fire resistance. In a fire Paperstone retains stability for an extended time and has earned a UL Class A rating for both flame spread and smoke developed indices in accordance with ASTM E84 testing. It will not melt, liquefy or explode.



IceStone surfaces are high performance concrete slabs made from three core ingredients: 100% recycledglass, Portland cement, and non-toxic pigments. Slab content varies per color. IceStone surfaces are fabricated and installed much like a natural stone and can be used in both residential and commercial applications such as tabletops, transaction surfaces, cash wraps, work surfaces, bathroom vanities, counter tops and more.

IceStone is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard using just three core ingredients: 100% recycled glass, Portland cement, and non-toxic pigments. From classic neutrals to bold contemporary jewel tones, IceStone is sure to bring your vision to life, elegantly and responsibly.

Care: It requires sealing once every 12-18 months because it is a cement product,

Why Choose IceStone?

  • If sealed properly, it will not stain easily,
  • It does not chip easily,
  • The product is a mixture of 80% recycled glass and 20% concrete (no fillers in the concrete). It’s made by binding the recycled glass in tinted concrete (to match or complement the glass chips) and polished to a high gloss. Recycled glass countertops can be honed, if you prefer,
  • Lifespan: the same as natural stone if installed and cared for properly,
  • Comes in 1 1/4" inch thick slabs, and is fabricated and installed by a company we work with frequently from Toronto
  • IceStone surfaces can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and a recommended cleaner. Spills should be wiped up promptly with a damp cloth and water, being especially attentive to spills such as coffee, wine, fruit juices, and other acidic liquids.
  • IceStone surfaces can withstand incidental heat contact up to 450° F. However, please note that the sealer and wax applied to the surface might not be heat resistant, so hot plates or trivets should be used under pots and pans recently removed from a heat source.
  • IceStone is scratch resistant, however, as with all surfaces, cutting boards should still be used.
  • Most stains can be removed by using a poultice
  • Etching and other surface repairs require a skilled fabricator or restoration specialist.




QuartzStone™ by IceStone® is a beautiful commercial grade surface that compliments any kitchen and bath, and is equally suited for heavy use applications, including, bars, food prep, reception desks, and cash transaction areas. QuartzStone is a versatile non-porous surface resistant to flexing, abrasion and acids, and requires minimal maintenance. 94 % of QuartzStone content comes from crushed waste stone left over in quarries or from natural stone beds. Slabs are manufactured using the state-of-the-art Breton™ system that is used to manufacture most high-end engineered stone products and known for its low environmental impact, safe manufacturing process, and product consistency.

Why Choose QuartzStone?

  • QuartzStone has a polished finish which makes for easy clean up. A damp cloth or paper towel, in combination with a mild detergent, is all that is needed to maintain its beauty. Products specifically designed for natural stone can also be used.
  • QuartzStone surfaces are very durable and scratch resistant. However, since no surface is indestructible, the use of a cutting board is always recommended. Avoid using knives or sharp objects directly on the surface.
  • QuartzStone surfaces are non-porous, making the product highly resistant to liquids including, but not limited to, coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, and makeup.
  • QuartzStone surfaces can withstand high temperatures for incidental contact. However, the material is not heat proof, so we recommend the use of trivets or other heat resistant pads. Please avoid direct contact with heat sources such as saucepans, frying pans, deep fryers, pots, irons, and open flame.

Bamboo Plywood

Plyboo sheeting products are manufactured from 100% bamboo. Bamboo has been widely regarded as a sustainable building material for thousands of years. Being a grass, Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, maturing every 5-6 years and unlike traditional hardwoods does not require re-planting once harvested as its extensive root system continues to send up new shoots. Made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo, harvested from the only FSC-certified bamboo forest in the world, the sheeting is available in its Original form or as FSC formaldehyde-free (PlybooPure).  These products are widely used for cabinets, counter tops, furniture, and any other applications where wood may be used.


For more information, or if you would like us to deliver a quote, please contact us via email at