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Jonathan and Celine have put the last 10 years into researching how to create healthy homes, and now for the first time we'd like to offer that knowledge to you in the form of private, one-hour consultations in your home. 

The reality is that as your knowledge of chemicals found within the home expands (or worse experiencing the symptoms of toxic body burden), the truths you'll discover are scary. We're here to walk you through the process of eliminating toxins from your home in a way that feels empowering and simple.


Home Cleanse

In this consultation, Celine & Jonathan will come to your home and gently (but firmly) walk you through what types of products are especially likely to be making you sick, with a special focus on cleaning and beauty products, along with other products that easily release chemicals into the air. We'll make suggestions on how to  make your home more harmonious and just plainly feel good to you, and we'll make product replacement suggestions that align with your budget and timeline. 

FIRST VISIT: $100 (Within 30 minutes of Huntsville)



Kitchen Cleanse

Jonathan has an extensive background in cooking and both he and Celine have a deep passion for eating healthfully and close to the Earth. As a result they've all but eliminated processed food from their home and have mastered making many of the staples in the well-stocked kitchen like chicken or vegetable stock, or bread, by hand, and it's all MUCH easier than you think! We'll comb through your cupboards, pulling out products that aren't serving you well, and make sure your spice cabinet is stocked with the basic herbs that will become the basis of your cooking. We can even help you put home-cooked, from scratch meals on the table despite feeling like you don't have the time with tailored cooking classes. This consultation is highly customizable and will vary based on your needs and skill-level. We practice being well through rituals in the kitchen—you are what you eat, after all! (Above Image: Jonathan's Thai Coconut Mussels via Pure Green Magazine)

FIRST VISIT: $100 (Within 30 minutes of Huntsville)



*Group cooking classes will be held in the kitchen of the host—invite your friends and share the cost, learning and good food. An ingredient list will be provided and the host is responsible for having them available at the time of the class. Jonathan's cooking style is relaxed and inviting, so come prepared to get involved (and don't be surprised if knife skills are part of the class—it's a passion point for Jonathan!). Pricing may vary depending on number of attendants/scope of the class. Discounts may be available for booking more than one session.