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Safe Bleach

Safe Bleach is an environmentally safe laundry product that is an excellent whitener, is colour and fabric safe AND won’t yellow whites. This natural and biodegradable bleach is the conscientious alternative to chlorine bleach. 


  • Up to 45 wash loads
  • Colour Safe - won't cause yellowing or graying
  • Chlorine & phosphate free
  • Decomposed immediately to oxygen, water & soda ash
  • Highly concentrated, without any odour or fumes
  • Made in Canada

Other Uses:

  • Tough Stain Remover - Pre-soak garments with tough, organic stains in a bucket with hot soapy water and a teaspoon to tablespoon of safe bleach 
  • Pet Stains - Works especially well on organic stains. Mix some safe bleach, mild soap and hot water in a cup. Test on a hidden corner for colour fastness of surface being treated. If OK, drizzle safe bleach and hot water solution over stain. After a few minutes, blot with clear water and dab up excess water gently with a towel. Repeat if necessary.
  • Get Rid of Bathtub Stains – Fill bathtub with hot tap water. Mix in about 1/3-1/2 cup safe bleach as tub is filling. Wipe bathtub surfaces. Let sit until water is cool & drain.
  • Grout Cleaner - Make into a paste with hot tap water; apply with a soft brush to stained or moldy bathroom or kitchen grout. Let dry for ½ hour; brush or mop off dried residue. Repeat where necessary

Ingredients: Sodium percarbonate (washing soda) and hydrogen peroxide



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