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Harmonic Arts Artisan Tea — Moontime

Sip your way to moontime relief with this soothing blend featuring Cramp Bark, Vitex, and Lady’s Mantle. Steep, strain and cheers to moontime self-care!

Feels: Comforting, cozy, balancing.
Tastes: Floral and fruity with hints of rose and cinnamon.


Featured Herbs

Vitex Berries: Compounds in vitex bind to certain pain receptors, which eases pain in addition to the hormone normalizing effect. These include mood swings, anger, irritability, headache, breast tenderness, and bloating.

Cinnamon (Cassia): Nutrients in cinnamon help suppress the hormones triggering nausea, helps to reduce inflammation and provides relief from period pain. It also aids in reducing the flow for women with heavy bleeding and has an uplifting effect on mood swings

Cramp Bark: Considered among the most important uterine antispasmodics, cramp bark has the ability to relax muscles and is effective at reducing uterine contractions, and uterine muscle spasm. It is also a wonderful nervine and is an excellent aid for nervous tension. 

Ginger Root:  Ginger is a wonder herb that can effectively ease menstrual cramps. This herb plays a key role in lowering the levels of the pain-causing prostaglandins. It also helps fight fatigue associated with premenstrual syndrome and can make irregular periods regular.

Nettle Leaf: Nettle is rich in iron, which helps with fatigue and iron-deficiency anemia. Nettle has been shown to improve estrogen metabolism and is often recommended for excessive menstrual bleeding. 

Cleavers: helps to treat post-menstrual symptoms such as sore breasts and water retention, mood swings, etc

Lady's Mantle: It stimulates the production of progesterone which is essential to regular periods. The herb has been shown to strengthen the uterine muscles, it is antispasmodic in the case of menstrual pain, and alleviates breast tenderness.

Red Rose Petals: Can help in the treatment of menstrual pain and blood irregularities.


*Vitex (Chaste) Berries, *Cinnamon (Cassia), †Cramp Bark, *Ginger Root, *Nettle Leaf, *Cleavers, *Lady's Mantle and Red Rose Petals
*Organic †Wild Harvested


Steep 1-2 tsp for 5-15 min. Enjoy! (sweeten to taste)


5 stars out of 5 based on 7 reviews from

"Women's Moon Tea

I love this tea and have been using it monthly for 7years.
It is about the only thing besides my hot water bottle, advil and rest that helps with painful cramps and mood swings. It is nurturing and soothing for my whole being and helps to keep me calm and self-regulating during what can be a painful and vulnerable time.
I highly recommend it."

"I've been using this during my moon for about a year now. I usually get cramping during the first day or two of it but this tea totally soothes and warms me up totally relieving almost all discomfort. Its really amazing! I had a friend try it awhile ago and she agreed it helps a lot. Lovin' those warming spices mixed with the medicinal power of cramp bark. And can't forget those lovely rose petals adding a feminine flair. 5 stars for sure!"

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