Sea Wench Naturals Seahorse Baby Wash and Baby Bummm Spray

Seahorse Baby Wash

This super gentle shampoo & body wash all-in-one will not only gently cleanse but can also help your little one with cradle cap & diaper irritation. Just pour a small amount into damp hair or a wet cloth and gently massage onto your baby, rinse clean, them gently towel dry. This wash is also great for fun bubble baths!

  • Made with an organic coconut base.
  • Enriched with sea herbal's, organic oils & extracts and a kiss of Sweet Orange & Chamomile.

***This is NOT a no tear formula, use extra care around eyes. 

Baby Bummm Spray

With a whole new approach, this gentle botanical spray is for moments of simplicity & convenience. Simply spray & wipe for a smooth sail ahead.

  • Has an all organic blend of healing oil's, sea herbals & botanical flower waters
  • Scented with the delicate essence of pure Chamomile and Sweet Orange
  • Cleans, soothes & protects as a barrier on baby's skin between changes.


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