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Raw Buckwheat Honey (500g)

Don’t be afraid to go for the bold! Buckwheat honey has a robust flavor profile, a full-bodied taste, and a darker, molasses-like hue. But that rich, deep coloring packs a restorative punch, as this varietal contains one of the highest antioxidant counts among honeys!

What is it?

100% pure buckwheat honey contains a nourishing array of naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Made by happy bees and caring beekeepers, always raw, sustainably-sourced, and all natural—the way Mother Nature intended.    

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Beekeeper's Naturals' buckwheat honey is truly farm to jar. Their honey comes from sustainable apiaries where they prioritize their bees’ health and happiness above all else. They never overharvest from the hive or mix their honey with additives or cheap filler ingredients like fructose, agave, or corn syrup. Their raw wildcrafted honey is unprocessed—just tons of buckwheat blossom nectar, traces of pollen, and loads of bee love!

How to use it

To reap the antioxidant benefits, we love to pair this strong honey with coffee or tea for a nourishing elixir. We also love using it in baking for an added hint of earthy depth and sweetness. This honey works wonderfully drizzled atop pancakes and waffles, or baked into hearty whole grain loaves and banana breads.


100% raw, sustainably-sourced, enzymatic buckwheat honey

Raw honey is a nutrient-rich food full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Beekeeper's Naturals' bees make honey like no other - pure, raw, real, and sustainably sourced with care. They never tamper with Mother Nature, always keeping their honey free of additives, fillers, and synthetic flavours. 

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