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Living Libations Poetic Pits Deodorant - Lavender

These Underarm Charms by Living Libations have revolutionized the concept of deodorant. Apply the sensuality of sandalwood, the reality of roots, and the purity of petals to sacred areas.

Elegant essences of leaves, flowers, and forests perfectly accent sandalwood as the potent poetry of this deodorant. Pure, organic, undiluted sandalwood harmonizes the endocrine system to support the secretions of beneficial hormonal-serums.

These Underarm Charms are more of an odorant than a deodorant.  One stroke emanates everything in your aura and it is all you need until your next bath or shower.

Science has recently elevated the modest underarm to a unique and vital body micro-climate. Its dark, warm dampness is the ideal environment for thousands of unique dermal bacteria, many of which are important for our health and immunity.  Sweat is the body's precious and cooling dew of fun play, heart-pumping movement and steamy soaks in the sauna.

Look no further, this will be your new favourite deodorant, made only with 100% pure, organic essential oils. One swipe is enough, so don't be fooled by their diminutive size, these will last a while!

Scent Profile:

this beautiful blend of lovely, languid lavender fused with sublime sandalwood and spikenard drips with warm, inviting florals. Infused with heartwood this deodorant has subtle earthy roots.


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