Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense

The clean yet earthy, round yet sharp, deep yet light aroma of Juniper Ridge's Campfire Incense has come to define the connection that hundreds of generations have felt for the wild places of the West. Black barked trees, budding citrus-like aromatic chutes from the end of each branch in springtime and painting deep shadowed forests across the Cascade Mountains where they’ve made their home for millions of years.The aromatic plants for this incense are chosen for their ability to sideline all other energies with their pointed, recognizable perfumes. 

This Campfire Incense is the pure and simple delivery of an experience with which many have a long history. We respect and honor the heritage of the plants, their beauty, and relationship to all those seeking a deeper connection with the natural world and the wilderness where they call home.

No hidden ingredients. No charcoal or perfume.

Incense for people who enjoy sitting around the campfire. Go there.

Scent Notes

  • WHITE SAGE | Earth, sunlight on varnished desert rock, spicy resin
  • DOUGLAS FIR | Mountain lodge fireplace, forest campground.
  • CEDAR | Ginger Cedar, Redwood bark, Coastal Spruce boughs, Oregon Myrtle flower
Wildcrafted plants, tree sap, wood, and bamboo stick.
20 sticks per pack

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