Eco Soul Life Husk On the Go Box

HUSK tableware mainly made from agricultural waste - Rice Husks Fibre - natural, healthy and does not contain any harmful substances. Most rice husk is perceived as waste and is often discarded or burnt. Burning rice husk is not only a waste of resource, but it also creates CO2. Instead, at Husk they use rice husks to create household products that can be reused countless times. If one day you wish to discard these HUSK products - don’t worry, they will biodegrade naturally within 2-3 years and become a part of nature again.
• Made from Rice husk fibre
•  Long lasting and durable product
• Biodegradable
• No heavy metals and non-toxic
• Commercial dishwasher Safe
• Re-usable
• Can withstand temperatures of between - 30°C to 120°C

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