Faribault Woolen Blankets

 Today, in a historic mill nestled along the banks of the Cannon River in Minnesota, a 147-year-old story is still being woven.

Here you’ll find wool blankets, throws, and accessories being made with proudly-maintained standards that stretch back to 1865.

And while Faribault's products are current and forward thinking, the techniques and machinery used to make them are virtually unchanged - now in the hands of a fifth generation of craftspeople who, each day, weave luxurious fibers and American pride together into something very special.

Perhaps it’s this history that gives Faribault Woolen Mill its long-view perspective about how a company should be run and how products should be made to perform. Perhaps it’s also what inspired a new generation of family owners to revive the tradition and machines that had recently lain dormant for two years - revitalizing a community and creating a new sense of purpose - reestablishing heritage and combining it with an optimistic focus on the future.

Faribault's mission is not to make precious items available to only a select few. Instead we make globally competitive products accessible to all, from a 100% American mill, producing goods from start to finish under one roof.

The Faribault Woolen Mill Company

A story still being woven

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