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Carriage 44 Candles

Carriage 44 candles are made by hand in Montreal with 100% American EcoSoy Wax and scented with only pure essential oils. The benefits of using essential oil scented candles are numerous and they burn with a beautiful, subtle warmth.  

  • Their signature No. 1 scent is both spicy and mellow - with notes of black pepper and ylang ylang essential oils.
  • Lavender scent is made from French lavender essential oils.
  • Verbena scent is full of fresh citrus and herbal notes, making it a perfect soap for the bathroom or kitchen!

Burn time approx. 25-30 hours

Helpful Hint: Soy wax burns with a memory; therefore, to get the most use out of your candle, make sure your first burn melts the wax up to the edge of the glass.  This will help all future burns melt consistently and avoid tunnelling.

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