Dans le Sac Baguette Bag

Next time you're at the grocery or bakery, say no to additional, unnecessary packaging thanks to these beautifully functional handmade bread bags. Made of 100% unbleached, pure cotton, it's breathable fiber not only helps reduce waste, but allows the baguette to breathe and minimizing the risk of mould and keeping bread as fresh as possible for up to 4 days.

Design includes a shoulder strap to easily carry your baguette home, no more juggling or broken baguettes. Bag measures 31" x 8", fits two full-size baguettes. Machine wash in cold water, hang to dry.

Made in Quebec.

Care + Use:

  • You are advised not to slice bread before putting it in the bag. Once bread has been sliced,the air contact surface increases, so it dries out more quickly.
  • Homemade or bakery-made bread will keep for 3 to 4* days. Baguette-style bread will keep for around 2* days.
  • You are advised to seal the bag as tightly as possible.
  • You can also freeze the bread directly in the bag, but make sure to close the tighly as possible!

*The shelf life of your bread will depend on the environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) in which the bag is stored.

*The crust servers as a natural barrier, so if you use a bread machine and the crust is thin,your bread may dry faster.


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