Living Libations Essential Oil - Frankincense

Frankincense = Fortitude.

Living Libations frankincense has a fresh top note with an ancient deep, warm, rich balsamic undertone. Their unique distiller specializes in the hydrodistillation of the fresh oleo-gum resins of Frankincense. It is very rare to have frankincense essential oil distilled with material from the fresh harvest – this creates a rich frankincense with a wide range of incredible top notes and heart notes.

In skin care, frankincense oil reveals its balsamic nature through its miraculous wound healing properties for scars, wounds and wrinkles. Astringent and anti-inflammatory, it is traditionally used to treat scar tissue and skin ulcers, and nourishes dry and prematurely aging skin. Excellent immunostimulant properties; anti-depressant, euphoric qualities are used in aromatherapy to treat anxiety & nervous tension. Apply externally to the affected area for joint conditions. For immune support, massage into the tops of the feet and lymph-node areas dilute with jojoba or or another carrier oil. This oil has traditionally used as an anti-asthmatic as well as to support oral health (can assist with infection of the teeth and gums) Compounds of frankincense have been found to exhibit in vitro antibacterial, antifungal, and immunomodualtory properties.

Frankincense oil has the power to uplift awareness by freeing the nerves from excessive tension, allowing us to focus on our deep connection to life.

Frankincense deepens and revitalizes mental perception, the breath perfecting prayer, meditation and yoga. Add 4-6 drops of Frankincense essential oil to your diffuser to be used during meditation.

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