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Beeswax Bag — Large Pack

100% Plastic Free Baggies

This pack includes three random coloured (pink, blue, green, orange) large bags.

Say goodbye to resealable plastic bags with these new beeswax bags. Made from 100% cotton and dipped in beeswax they are waterproof, self sealing, breathable and you can reuse them over and over.

BeeBagz are very easy to use! They start out a bit tacky but quickly develop a leather like feel. The beeswax makes them naturally anti-bacterial, and to clean you simply rinse them out with cold water only using a gentle natural dish soap if necessary and then hang to dry. 

They are perfect for storing larger items such as loaves of bread, bunches of lettuce or kale, beets, etc., and will keep fruit and veggies fresh much longer than using a plastic bag or simply leaving uncovered in the fridge. Simply load your favourite food, fold the top down and seal shut with the pinch of your fingers! The large bag is especially good for bread and lettuce! The breathable nature acts like a second skin, and allows gasses produced from aging foods to escape instead of being trapped inside like it would if it were wrapped in plastic.

BeeBagz will last for at least one year with proper care and are biodegradable.

Bag Dimensions: 11"x14"

Ingredients: 100% Cotton, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Resin

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