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Margaret's Unicorn

A perfect gift for the unicorn lovers in your life, this lovely and utterly transporting picture book tells the story of what every little girl wishes would happen to her: a girl finds and takes care of a lost baby unicorn.

Margaret's whole world changes when her family moves to a cottage by the sea to be near her grandma. One evening, Margaret spots a mist over the water. No, that's not mist...clouds maybe? No, they're unicorns descending onto the shore! They vanish as quickly as they'd appeared, but accidentally leave behind a baby, tangled in the weeds. Margaret, lonely and in need of a friend, brings him home and cares for him through the fall and winter. Together, they chase the waves, stomp on frozen puddles, and build snow unicorns. When spring finally comes around, and the other unicorns return, Margaret's takes her small friend back to his family... but these two won't forget one another. And though Margaret misses him, she has made a new friend, and her new cottage is starting to feel like home. With all the feel of a classic, here is a picture book young readers will want to revisit again and again.
Pages: 40
Ages: 4-8


"Imagine what it would be like to find a mythical creature. Young Margaret doesn’t have to imagine. After she and her parents move to a mountain cottage, she explores her new surroundings. Walking back, she discovers a baby unicorn tangled in weeds and carries it home. Margaret nurtures the lovely creature, assuring it of its herd’s spring return. Seasons change, nature blossoms, and girl and animal enjoy delightful activities. The two benefit each other: The unicorn thrives under his guardian’s tender care; Margaret’s life grows happier and less lonely. The unicorn acclimates to his human and cozy domesticity; Margaret misses her old home less. Inevitability prevails, though. Spring returns and with it, the unicorn’s mother; they depart, a bittersweet scenario. Sometime later, while playing with a new friend, Margaret is astonished when her unicorn, now grown, returns briefly, then disappears; Margaret takes this well. Children with a taste for the fantasy world who wish for magical encounters should enjoy this sweet, gently told story with an old-fashioned feel. The transience of magic is implied in Margaret’s understanding and acceptance of the unicorn’s comings and goings. Colorful, atmospheric illustrations enliven the country settings and serve the natural world and shifting seasons well; Margaret and the unicorn’s relationship is charmingly depicted. Margaret and her family present white; her new pal has brown skin. The baby unicorn is dappled.

Unicorns are popular among young readers, and this offering will satisfy."

Kirkus Reviews

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