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Clef Des Champs Junior - Colic Drops 30ml

Treats colic, cramps, gas, teething hiccups, irritation of the digestive mucosa, constipation, diarrhea, and gastroenteritis. 

    This blend soothes colic and digestive problems in babies and young children. It eases digestion, calms cramps and reduces bloating and gas. The herbs it contains have long been used to activate the digestion process in newborns. Blessed thistle and catnip contain bitter principles that stimulate digestive secretions, marshmallow and slippery elm soothe irritation of the mucosa and green oat helps release digestive enzymes. Catnip and fennel not only relax cramps, they develop the child’s normal mechanisms of digestion, whether he or she is still primarily on milk (breast or bottle) or has begun eating solid food.


    • Marshmallow is a first-rate emollient. Its mucilage content forms a protective layer, making this herb ideal for all conditions involving dryness, irritation and inflammation of the mucosa.
    • Catnip eases digestion, encourages sweating, calms pain and brings down fever. It reduces flatulence and is recommended for indigestion and colic.
    • Blessed thistle is mainly a bitter tonic that gently stimulates the digestive functions, especially with regard to the stomach. A remarkable nutritive and sedative, green oat soothes irritated children and encourages all digestive processes.
    • Fennel is a carminative and antispasmodic that stimulates intestinal transit, soothes gas, intestinal cramps and colic.
    • Slippery elm is a mild, nutritive herb taken to soothe the digestive mucosa. This herb’s mucilage content gives it demulcent and emollient properties.

    100% organic. No additives, food colouring or preservatives. No added sugar, no gluten, soy or GMOs, non-irradiated.

    Do not use if allergic to bee products, conifer or poplar resin (re: propolis). Consult a health care practitioner prior to a use longer than 8 weeks

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