Zero Waste Series - Reusable Water Bottles

The mainstay of the Zero Waste home is a reusable water bottle. There are styles for everyone in the family; from the sippy cup for your rambunctious toddler, to the refillable growler for the micro brew enthusiast. Reusable water bottles are so important because they replace the ubiquitous single use water bottle.

Here are a few facts about single use plastic water bottles compiled by York University:

1. Bottled water isn't always as safe as tap water – only 6% of bottled water factories were tested between April 2008 and March 2009. (source: Canwest News Service, March 26, 2009) 

2. 27 out of 49 bottled water products have been recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency since 2000. (source: Polaris Institute)

3. Concentrations of contaminants such as arsenic, bromide, bacteria and lead have been found in bottled water samples (source: Polaris Institute)

4. Toronto consumes an estimated 100 million plastic bottles a year, of which 35% are not recycled. Many plastic bottles still end up in landfills, or worse, as litter in forests, lakes and oceans. (source: CBC News)

5. Plastic bottles take 700 years to begin composting. (source:

6. It is estimated that one tenth of all plastic that is created every year eventually ends up in one of our oceans, including millions of plastic water bottles. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge swath of plastic and other discarded materials in the Pacific Ocean, and has been estimated to be as large, or larger than, the land mass of Canada. (source: The Independent Online)

7. 24 million gallons of oil are needed to produce a billion plastic bottles. If you were to fill one quarter of a plastic water bottle with oil, you would be looking at roughly the amount used to produce that bottle. (sources:, National Geographic)

8. Fiji water travels over 12,372 km to reach Toronto. Municipal water typically travels about 10 or 20 km. (source: Polaris Institute) 


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Celine MacKay
Celine MacKay