Zero Waste Series - Savon de Marseille

The Zero Waste way of life seems nearly impossible to achieve some times but there are some amazing examples of modern day folk living with no waste and living well. Parisian blogger Ariana Schwarz comes to mind, she has an amazing blog filled with great information about how she lives with zero waste - she doesn't even buy toilet paper! One of her favourite multi-purpose products is Savon de Marseille, a pure vegetable block soap that is still made with traditional soap making techniques in Marseille. She uses it for everything, from cleaning her floors to cleaning her hair. 

The first documented soapmaker in Marseille was recorded in about 1370. By 1688, Louis XIV introduced regulations in the Edict of Colbert limiting the use of the name savon de Marseille to olive oil based soaps manufactured in and around the Marseille area. Since then the pure olive oil soap has been a mainstay of many French households. 

Here is a handy stain removal list from Ariana's blog Paris-to-Go:

Celine MacKay
Celine MacKay