Calendula Lip Balm Recipe

For those of you who couldn't make it to our fantastic Lip Balm & Salve workshop, Laura has kindly provided us with her lip balm recipe to share. Coming up this May Laura will be leading a wildflower walk in Huntsville, sharing her vast knowledge of our native plants. We will post the dates and information shortly!

Calendula Lip Balm Recipe

“It hath pleasant, bright and shining yellow flowers, the which do close at the setting down of the sunne, and do spread and open againe at the sunne rising”
- Dodoens-Lyte (1578)

Calendula is a marvelous healing herb for all manner of skin problems, from cuts, scrapes, inflammation, rashes, infections or simply very dry, chapped skin. Calendula is a very powerful healer that is gentle enough to use on the most delicate of skin. This rich healing lip balm will soothe and protect lips throughout the year.

½ cup Calendula infused olive oil 2 & ½ Tbsp finely grated natural beeswax
1 tsp Cocoa Butter (optional)
1 tsp Shea Butter (optional)
¼ tsp Vitamin E
20 drops of pure essential oil of your choice
1. Place herbal infused oil and beeswax into your double boiler and gently warm over low heat until the beeswax melts.
2. Check consistency, add more wax or oil to your preference. Once you are happy with consistency add vitamin E and essential oils.
3. Quickly pour into lip balm tubes or tins and allow to cool completely.


Celine MacKay
Celine MacKay